Computer Repair

We offer in store and onsite computer repair for your desktops and laptops. We do MAC, PC, and Linux system.

We have over 18 years in the computer troubleshooting business. OUr first client being ourselves working on our own equipment, scratching out heads trying to figure out what the issues is. We have since grown from the wondering to the answering. With our experience we can fix complex and complicated issues with ease and understanding. We use the latest tools and information to best perform our task at hand. Let us show you how we perform with your issues.

What we service

Windows Systems

We have been working with windows since Windows NT came about. We have the knowledge to get the job done with your PC machine.

Apple Products

We have been working with MACs for some time, and been through the eveolution of change from the Apple 2.0 to the IMac and on to the mobile devices.

Linux Systems

Linux has a very wide range of operating systems. We have worked many, but not all. However they all operate on the same premise allowing for us to service them.